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Welcome to Vänjaurbäck!
(pronounced ”when you are back”)

Vänjaurbäck is a village in the southern of Lapland, 15 miles from Lycksele (Västerbotten, Sweden).
It has 30 households and was founded in 1755.

In the village there is a chapel from 1946 and an old village school which now serves as an accommodation for tourists and visitors. It has a pool table, table tennis, sauna, gym equipment, books, tv, kitchen and sleeping arrangements.

After purchasing a fishing license you can enjoy the beautiful Vika where there is perch, jack and other fishes in lakes and rivers nearby such as grayling, char and more.
It is also a great place for bird-watchers at Sörmyra which is a local wetland.
There are also great snowmobile thoroughfares.

If you want to rent the old school please contact
Peter Bergström
tel: 0703440068
mail: peterbergstrom73(snabela)

If you want to go fishing call either
Johan Sjögren Vänjaurbäck 070-651 36 36
Ernst Johansson Åliden 600 54
Ulf Jakobsson Vänjaurbäck 070-647 07 43

Here is Vänjaurbäcks facebook page

You can also get local massage or yoga
Annica Bertholdsson 070-23 21 071

Lycksele Touristinformation



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